Surviving a kitchen remodel can be a test of patience and your "survival skills". Living without a kitchen can be hectic and expensive. However, with proper planning and expectations, you CAN survive and even have fun anticipating your new kitchen coming together.

Tip 1

Plan on setting up a temporary kitchen. Save some of the old cabinets and have a temporary setup placed in your garage. If you cant salvage a piece of the old countertop, then place a piece of plywood on top. This will give you a working surface to place small kitchen appliances on for cooking. Also, plan on using a laundry or bathtub for washing dishes.

Tip 2

Keep a calendar and a checklist so you can cross off each step as it happens. This will help you see how close you are to nearing your end goal. Take lots of photos throughout the process so you can see where you started at.

Be patient: the process hardly ever happens as quickly as one would hope.

Tip 3

Box up your kitchen in clear storage containers or clear plastic bags with labels of the contents. This will help you during the remodel process quickly locate needed items and keep everything organized. In addition, this helps keep dust out. Dust infiltrates everything! Tightly sealed containers will protect kitchen utensils and food items. 

Tip 4

Set up your existing refrigerator/ freezer in another location, ie: the garage. Make some meals ahead of time and freeze them. When it's time to eat, all you have to do is put them in the microwave.

Tip 5

During the warmer weather, take full advantage of your grill to cook meals. Many full meals can be cooked on the grill. The internet has some great recipes as well. 

Tip 6

Pre-plan and budget your dining out. Start clipping restaurants and take out coupons before your remodel starts.

Tip 7

Map out the path the contractor must take through your home and designate a bathroom for their use. This way everyone is clear on what areas of your home are off-limits. 

Projects like this are always somewhat of an inconvenience. Understanding the process and having a game plan from the start will help to lighten the frustration after construction begins. 

Now, let's start planning that new kitchen.....

Tips curated by: Siobhan Brackett